Voice and Tone Strategy Review in STC Technical Communication

John Caldwell’s book Voice and Tone Strategy: Connecting with People through Content is reviewed in the August 2020 issue of STC Technical Communication by Janice (Ginny) Redish.

In her review, Redish calls his book “… a short book full of practical advice.” See the full review here, courtesy of the Society for Technical Communication.


Review of Webinar School

The Instructional Design and Learning Special Interest Group (IDL SIG) of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) has just published a review of Bette Frick’s latest book, Webinar School: Planning, producing, and presenting your training webinar.

From the review, written by Jamye Sagan:

“Whether one has been producing webinars for years or just got […]

TC World review of The Language of Technical Communication

TC World e-magazine has published a review of The Language of Technical Communication. According to reviewer Natalia Lincoln:

“The Language of Technical Communication will greatly benefit students and others interested in, or lateral entrants to, a career in technical communication; management staff who would like to understand the procedures, concepts, and potential inherent in […]

Kevin Nichol’s Enterprise Content Strategy Named a Top Ten Gift Book for Content Strategists

Kevin Nichol’s Enterprise Content Strategy was named by Firehead Ltd. as one of the 10 gift books for digital communicators for 2017.

The article says, “Nichols outlines some of the best practices for conducting and executing content strategy projects for your business. Expect many definitions, questions to ask, checklists and guidelines to give you a […]

Business Matters reviewed by STC Technical Communication

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) journal, Technical Communication, has published a review of Bette Frick’s Business Matters: A Freelancer’s Guide to Business Success in Any Economy.

From the review, written by Kristin Kirkham-Broadhead, “Frick writes in a refreshing tone with her blatant honesty, showcasing the roller coaster of emotions you deal with in […]

Review of Intelligent Content: A Primer

Lisa Park of Extractable has just posted a review of Intelligent Content: A Primer.

From the review: “Intelligent Content: A Primer, goes into quite a bit of detail—and includes a fair amount of research—to explain how you’ll benefit from this type of content. It includes three brief case studies, highlighting an investment bank, medical device […]

Interview with Author Experience author, Rick Yagodich

In a new interview at contentful.com, Rick Yagodich, author of Author Experience, discusses the importance of making sure content management software and practices provide an environment for authors that maximizes their effectiveness and efficiency.

In the article, Yagodich says, “The most valuable assets within any company are its people, its proprietary processes, its ways […]

Guest Post: Review of The Insider’s Guide to Technical Writing

Whether you’ve accidentally stumbled into this field or have purposefully selected technical writing to be your career, Krista Van Laan’s The Insider’s Guide to Technical Writing is a handy reference book to keep in your drawer.

As a beginner tech writer, I found this book (which I was given to review) supremely useful in giving […]

DITA 101 — Book Review

About a month ago, we ran an informal survey asking people what publications about DITA would be most useful to them. An author’s guide was at the top of the list. DITA 101: Fundamentals of DITA for Authors and Managers (published through Lulu.com, $25.37 print, $9.95 download), the new book from The Rockley Group, addresses […]

Practical DITA — Book Review

Links updated 21 January 2010

One sign that a book has succeeded is when it changes your perception of the subject. By that definition, Julio Vazquez’s Practical Dita (102 pages, lulu.com, now available on Amazon.com) succeeds. I have to say up front that my opinion of DITA was not enhanced by reading his book. However, […]