DITA Series

The DITA XML standard is growing quickly and gaining acceptance in a wide variety of applications. With this growth has come the need for clear, comprehensive publications for authors, content strategists, tools builders, and managers.

To address this need, XML Press is developing a series of publications authored by recognized DITA authorities who have been using DITA for as long as it has existed. Authors include Eliot Kimber, a long-time DITA expert and member of the DITA Technical Committee at OASIS Open, and Leigh White, who has extensive experience working with the DITA Open Toolkit.

In keeping with XML Press’s commitment to using the tools we write about, the DITA series will be authored using the DITA standard and produced using widely available tools.

Series Publications

Title Author Pub. Date Description
DITA for Practitioners Volume 1: Architecture and Technology Eliot Kimber April 2012 Volume 1 of Eliot Kimber’s comprehensive guide to DITA for implementors.
DITA for Print Leigh White October 2013 A tutorial introduction to the DITA Open Toolkit FO/PDF stylesheets.

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