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 Latest News (Outsourcing,Tech Comm,The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series)

Outsourcing Technical Writing: A Primer

Cover of Structured Writing

The latest book in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series, Outsourcing Technical Writing: A Primer will be generally available on October 20, 2018.

Outsourcing stirs strong emotions. Employees associate it with layoffs, reduced quality, and plummeting morale. Managers often don’t understand the potential, thinking either that it will reduce their costs by large amounts or that it will make them obsolete, too.

Outsourcing Technical Writing: A Primer provides a comprehensive introduction to outsourcing technical writing. Barry Saiff, who has had extensive experience with outsourced content development, provides a roadmap for outsourcing success along with cases studies, a sample outsourcing agreement, and a sample plan. He also connects the success of outsourcing with management excellence and process maturity.

Barry Saiff will be at Lavacon 2018 in New Orleans, October 21–24, 2018. If you will be at the conference, make sure you stop by the Saiff Solutions booth, where Barry will have copies of the book, and catch his presentations about outsourcing and management. Saiff Solutions will also be sponsoring the opening night reception.

 Latest News (Tech Comm,XML Press)

Structured Writing: Rhetoric and Process

Cover of Structured WritingMark Baker’s new book, Structured Writing is now available in print from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and online retailers worldwide.

Mark Baker is well known in the technical communication world for his incisive and at times controversial writings. His new book takes a fresh look at structured writing, peeling away the buzz words and cutting through the noise as only he can.

Baker explains what structured writing is and how you can use different structures to achieve different purposes. The book focuses on how you can partition and manage the complexity of the content creation process using structured writing techniques to ensure that everything is handled by the person or process with the skills, time, and resources to handle it effectively.

Structured Writing shows you how the right structured writing techniques can improve the quality of your content and, at the same time, make your content processes more efficient without sacrificing quality for efficiency or vice versa.

 Latest News (The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series)

Interview with The Content Wrangler

STC Notebook just published an in-depth interview with Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler.

Scott is, as usual, entertaining and blunt. He provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the books in the The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series are developed, and he also gives his take on current trends in content strategy, how to get started in the field, and other publications related to content strategy.

 Latest News (Cybersecurity,XML Press)

The Language of Cybersecurity

Cover of The Language of Cybersecurity

The Language of Cybersecurity, the latest book in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series, is released today, July 15, 2018, and is available through print and ebook retailers worldwide.

Through August 31, 2018, this book will be on sale for $14.95 (regular price $19.95) at the XML Press eBook Store

The Language of Cybersecurity defines 52 terms that every business professional should know about cybersecurity, even professionals who are not specialists. Anyone who uses any kind of computing device needs to understand the importance of cybersecurity, and every business professional also needs to be able to speak intelligently with cybersecurity professionals.

Expertly compiled and edited by Tonie Flores, this book is an essential reference for cybersecurity experts, managers, students, and anyone who uses a computer, tablet, smart phone, or other computing device.

About the Editor

Tonie Flores has guided business and systems professionals through the complexities of selecting and implementing leading-edge information processing solutions. Her work as a systems engineer, instructor, change management specialist, and technical writer has benefitted information technology users from the shop floor and back office through the C-suite in the United States, Latin America, and Asia.

Tonie’s work has earned speaking and technical writing awards and the honor of Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communications (STC).

 Latest News (XML Press)

Italian edition of Every Page is Page One

Cover of Every Page is Page One Italian edition

Ogni pagina è la prima, the Italian translation of Mark Baker’s Every Page is Page One, is available in print from Amazon and other ebook retailers. It is available in ebook form from the XML Press ebook store.

The translation was done by Gianni Angelini, a well-known technical communicator in Italy. Gianni is the author of Il comunicatore tecnico: Guida pratica alla professione (The Technical Communicator).

You can read more about this book in Italian in a blog post titled Ogni pagina è la prima: un bel regalo! by Alessandro Stazi. if you can read Italian, check it out. If you don’t speak Italian, the auto-translation to English is pretty good (in Chrome, anyway).

Coming Soon: for those of you waiting for Mark Baker’s next book, Structured Writing, the wait is almost over. We anticipate a late summer, early fall release.

 Latest News (XML Press)

Interview with Leigh White about DITA for Print 2nd Edition

Learn more about Leigh W. White’s new book DITA for Print, 2nd Edition (XML Press) by reading her interview with IXIASOFT’s Keith Schengili-Roberts on DITAWriter.

Together, they delve into the book’s details, and discuss what clients are asking for in terms of PDF customization and DITA 1.3 developments. Learn why Leigh believed a second edition […]

 Latest News (XML Press)

XML Press at STC Summit-2018

This year, once again, XML Press will run the bookstore at STC Summit. We will have a selection of books from XML Press and other publishers, including new titles from Rosenfeld and Stylus. And there will be specials and giveaways. If you’re at the Summit, stop by the bookstore and say hello.

XML Press authors […]

 Latest News (Localization)

Interview with Kit Brown-Hoekstra, author of The Language of Localization

STC’s notebook has just published an interview with Kit Brown-Hoekstra, editor of the new book, The Language of Localization, The latest book in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series.

In the interview, Kit describes the making of the book and some of the challenges and rewards of creating a book that compiles contributions from […]

 Latest News (eBook,Sale,XML Press)

XML Press eBook Store

The XML Press eBook Store is now open for business. You can purchase XML Press eBooks directly from us as a three-format bundle (PDF, ePub, and Kindle (.mobi)).

Once you’ve purchased a book, you can immediately download it to your computer or device and start reading.

 Latest News (Localization,XML Press)

The Language of Localization

The Language of Localization, the latest book in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series, will be released on November 1, 2017, and available through print and ebook retailers worldwide.

The Language of Localization defines 52 terms that every business professional should know, even professionals who do not specialize in localization. In […]