Webinar School: Planning, producing, and presenting your training webinar

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Webinar School
by Elizabeth (Bette) Frick. $19.95 (print), $11.95 (ebook).

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When Bette Frick wanted to transition her live training classes to a webinar platform, she searched for advice on managing the technology and maximizing learner interaction. She found plenty of books about presenting marketing webinars but only a few books for trainers. She longed for simple tips to help engage participants in her technical and business writing webinars.

So, she had to learn by doing; she experimented with high- and low-tech strategies for keeping learners involved and enjoying her classes. Webinar School presents her practical tips for offering flawless webinars, keeping participants engaged, and having as much fun as the learners do.

Inside the Book


  1. Webinar training compared to live classroom training
    • Benefits of training by webinar
    • Benefits of live classroom training
    • Maximizing webinars as a training tool
  2. Planning your webinar
  3. Preparing content for your training webinar
    • Three weeks ahead
    • Two weeks ahead and up to your webinar day
  4. Producing and presenting your live training webinar
    • Webinar day!
  5. After your webinar
    • Perform post-webinar activities
    • Mine the chat log
    • Capture lessons learned
  6. Low-tech tips for interactivity
    • Address webinar participants
    • Encourage peer feedback
    • Inject humor where you can
    • Bring in something of interest from participants’ documents
    • Interact after the webinar
  7. High-tech tips for interactivity
    • Explain your application
    • Show them how to chat
    • Practice polling
    • Use webcams
    • Open audio lines
    • Launch tests
    • Interact in other ways
  8. Technology tips: hardware, presentation software, audio, Internet
    • Hardware
    • Presentation software
    • Audio
    • Internet connection
  9. Expect three surprises!
    • Hardware backup: plan redundant technology
  10. How not to kill your webinar with your slides
    • Five content principles for better slides
    • Five visual principles for better slides
    • Navigation tips
  11. Tips for teams that produce webinars
  12. How to get going – one step at a time

Checklist for webinar trainers
Checklist for webinar teams
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About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth (Bette) Frick teaches writing and communication by webinar to learners all over the world. Bette holds a PhD in English from the University of Minnesota and served as president of the Twin Cities chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) from 2003-2004. She is a Fellow of the STC.

Dr. Frick is also board-certified as a medical editor by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS) and serves as the Immediate Past President of the American Medical Writers Association Rocky Mountain Chapter.

She is the author of Business Matters: A freelancer’s guide to success in any economy, also published by XML Press.