XProc 3.0 Programmer Reference

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XProc 3.0 Programmer Reference
by Erik Siegel.
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XProc 3.0 is a programming language for processing XML, JSON, and other documents in pipelines. XProc chains conversions and other steps, allowing for potentially complex processing. XProc is especially useful for applications, such as publishing, where content may come from multiple input sources, pass through multiple processing steps and result in multiple output streams.

XProc 3.0 Programmer Reference is aimed at programmers and others who process XML. It explains the language in detail, provides examples, and contains a set of example use cases. Anyone who uses the XProc language will find a wealth of information in this book.

Inside the Book

  • Introduction: introduces XProc 3.0 and provides background.
  • Getting started: describes how to process XProc and provides simple examples to get started.
  • XProc fundamentals: provides background information on XProc and basic concepts, such as pipelines, steps, and documents.
  • Programming concepts: introduces the programming concepts used in XProc, including the use of XPath, maps, Attribute and Text Value Templates (AVT/TVT), and more.
  • Defining and populating steps: describes how to declare a step, what a pipeline document looks like, and how to add functionality to a pipeline.
  • Built-in steps: provides an overview of the many built-in steps that can be used to populate XProc pipelines.
  • Extension functions: describes the set of extension functions that are available for use in XPath expressions in XProc pipelines.
  • Examples and recipes: examples of XProc pipelines for specific use cases.
  • Appendices: describes the standard step library and provides an overview of optional built-in steps.

About Erik Siegel

Erik Siegel is a content engineer and XML specialist who runs Xatapult consultancy in the Netherlands. He specializes in content design and conversions, XML Schemas and transformations, eXist and XProc applications, and XML-related training.

Since 2017, he has been part of the XProc 3.0 editorial team.

What are they saying?

“Erik has written the must-have programmer’s guide to XProc 3.0. Not only is it an excellent reference to all of XProc’s features and steps, it includes examples and recipes that you can put to use immediately. Highly recommended!”

— Norman Tovey-Walsh, developer of XML Calabash

“Erik Siegel’s XProc 3.0 Programmer Reference is the ideal guide for learning XProc 3.0. The basic concepts are carefully explained and illustrated by many examples. Additionally there is a later chapter with recipes which will prove to be very helpful for everyday’s work. And it is fun to read!”

— Achim Berndzen <xml-project/>, developer of MorganaXProc

“Erik’s book is the best text about XProc that I have come across. Easy to read, it helps you to understand and appreciate XProc concepts. And its description of the new 3.0 facilities makes you eager to use them.”

— Pieter Masereeuw, self-employed XML specialist

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