Interview with Author Experience author, Rick Yagodich


In a new interview at, Rick Yagodich, author of Author Experience, discusses the importance of making sure content management software and practices provide an environment for authors that maximizes their effectiveness and efficiency.

In the article, Yagodich says, “The most valuable assets within any company are its people, its proprietary processes, its ways of doing things. These constitute the company’s competitive advantage. Any software needs to support these assets, not overrule them. The CMS needs to be pliable; to adapt to the content authors’ needs.

Instead, most editorial teams today are stuck with publishing tools that look downright alien, their functionality driven by the logic of technical development.”

Among other topics, Yagodich discusses Markdown vs. WYSIWYG, structured writing (and why authors dislike structured writing), content management systems (and why authors dislike them), and the role of mobile in content creation.

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