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 Latest News (DITA,XML Press)

CMS/DITA North America Conference

Join the Center for Information-Development Management for the 19th annual Content Management Strategies/DITA North America Conference in San Diego, California on April 24-26 2017. Engage with a community of people who believe that international standards, structured content, reuse capabilities, and multiple media delivery are the directions of the future.

Meet publications professionals who have implemented content management strategies and the OASIS DITA standard in their organizations. Learn strategies for content management, taxonomy, faceted search, translation, social media, agile workflow, DITA, Lightweight DITA and a whole lot more! Hear from key tools developers who are actively supporting the standards-based community.

XML Press authors Leigh White (DITA for Print, Second Edition), Eliot Kimber (DITA for Practitioners), and JoAnn Hackos (A Practical Guide to XLIFF 2.0) will be at the event, and XML Press will have a booth selling all three of their books, plus relevant titles from XML Press and other publishers.

For more information:

 Latest News (MadCap Flare)

HTML to MadCap Flare

Cover image for Webinar SchoolAre you trying to import content into MadCap Flare? Are you looking for help in preparing HTML, DocBook, and other content so that it can be easily imported into Flare? Peter Lavin’s new book, HTML to MadCap Flare: A guide to automating content migration and maintenance, shows you how to cleanly import content using automated processes.

HTML to MadCap Flare provides detailed examples and clear explanations that will guide you through the process of importing any content that can be converted to HTML. The book goes into detail on how to manage CSS, work with ANT to automate import, create template projects to support single-source projects, and much more.

If you will be attending MadWorld (April 2-5, in San Diego), you will be able to see a copy of this book and our other MadCap Flare book, MadCap Flare for Programmers.

You can purchase the print edition at most online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The ebook edition is available at the same retailers and also in a DRM-free bundle at the XML Press Bookstore at O’Reilly Media.

For more information about this book, check out the HTML to MadCap Flare web page.

 Latest News (Confluence,eBook)

Confluence, Tech Comm, Chocolate Ebook now available for free

In response to popular demand, the ebook version of Confluence, Tech Comm, Chocolate is now available as a free download.

A few years ago, we took this book out of print because it was no longer up to date with the latest versions of Confluence. However, the book still contains valuable information about working with Confluence, and the author, Sarah Maddox, still receives queries about it. Sarah decided to make the ebook available as a free download, with the understanding that it is no longer up to date with Confluence releases, it is unsupported, and it may no longer accurately represent the direction that Atlassian chooses to pursue for the product.

Download Links

CAVEAT: This book is out of date with respect to the latest versions of Confluence wiki, and it does not necessarily reflect Atlassian’s direction for Confluence. We are making it available with no warranty expressed or implied.

You can download the ebook version of the book from any of the links below:

 Latest News (XML Press)

Webinar School now available in print and ebook form

Cover image for Webinar SchoolBette Frick’s new book, Webinar School: Planning, producing, and presenting your training webinar, is now available in print and ebook form from online retailers worldwide.

Webinar School presents Bette’s practical tips for offering flawless webinars, keeping participants engaged, and having as much fun as the learners do. Based on her wide-ranging experience teaching both in-person and online classes, Bette takes you from planning through delivery, with insights and tips to help you deliver winning webinars.

Webinar School focuses on the challenges of delivering high-quality training through webinars and addresses common concerns such as keeping participants engaged, increasing interaction, handling technical problems, and creating compelling slides.

You can purchase the print edition at most online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The ebook edition is available at the same retailers and also in a DRM-free bundle at the XML Press Bookstore at O’Reilly Media.

On Sale Through February 28

The print edition is on sale at many retailers for $14.95 until February 28, 2017. Check with your favorite book retailer for details.

For more information about this book, check out the Webinar School web page.

 Latest News (Book Review)

Kevin Nichol’s Enterprise Content Strategy Named a Top Ten Gift Book for Content Strategists

Kevin Nichol’s Enterprise Content Strategy was named by Firehead Ltd. as one of the 10 gift books for digital communicators for 2017.

The article says, “Nichols outlines some of the best practices for conducting and executing content strategy projects for your business. Expect many definitions, questions to ask, checklists and guidelines to give you a good grounding in enterprise CS.”

Congratulations to Kevin for this well-deserved recognition.

 Latest News (Tech Comm,XML Press)

Virtual Summit on Advanced Practices in Technical Communication

The Content Wrangler is offering a three day, free virtual webinar series. Three days of free educational web presentations. The Virtual Summit on Advanced Practices in Technical Communication features 12 free one-hour sessions from some of the industry’s best and brightest talents — experts in XML authoring, content strategy, content management, translation and localization, intelligent […]

 Latest News (Managing Writers)

tekReader demos sample chapter from Managing Writers

eGloo Technologies has posted a chapter from Managing Writers to demonstrate the capabilities of its tekReader publishing platform. You can view the sample chapter in tekReader here: Measurement and Metrics.

Thanks to David Coules and Don Stolee of eGloo for putting together this demo. We met at LavaCon, sent them the files a few days […]

 Latest News (Sale)

Ebook Sale

In support of the LavaCon conference last week, we offered a 40% discount on XML Press ebooks at O’Reilly Media.

We have extended that sale for another week, until November 11th. Here is the link:

XML Press Books at O’Reilly Media

The discount code is: LAVACON16. However, the code is already embedded in the link […]

 Latest News (Content Strategy,XML Press)

MindTouch Top 25 Content Strategist Influencers for 2016

MindTouch just published its list of Top 25 Content Strategist Influencers for 2016, and the names include eight XML Press authors, including Ann Rockley, who was named an Unparalleled Content Strategist Influencer, and XML Press authors Sharon Burton, Rahel Anne Bailie, JoAnn Hackos, Kevin Nichols, Alan J. Porter, Val Swisher, and Noz Urbina, who were […]

 Latest News (XML Press)

Orange County California STC Chapter Meeting

Next Tuesday, October 18, 6:00pm to 8:30pm, I will be presenting a talk on XML at the Orange County STC Chapter Meeting at the Doubletree Club Hotel—Orange County Airport.

The talk will cover topics ranging from basic XML syntax and structure to XML schemas for technical communicators. There will be plenty of time for questions, […]