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 Latest News (Content Strategy)

Interview with Scott Abel about The Language of Content Strategy

Roger Parker has just posted a summary of his interview with Scott Abel about The Language of Content Strategy. You can read the summary and listen to the entire interview in the article, Scott Abel Tells Why Content Strategy Matters on Roger’s blog, Published and Profitable.

 Latest News (Content Strategy,XML Press)

Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide

Nichols front cover

Kevin P. Nichols’ Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide is now available. This book outlines best practices for conducting and executing content strategy projects. It is a step-by-step guide to building an enterprise content strategy for your organization.

Enterprise Content Strategy draws on Kevin Nichols’ experience managing one of the largest and most successful global content strategy teams to provide an insider’s look at how to build an enterprise content strategy.

Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide is now available in print and ebook form from retailers worldwide, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and O’Reilly Media.

Go to the book page for Enterprise Content Strategy for more information.

 Latest News (Content Strategy)

Discover the Language of Content Strategy

Learn how to make content strategy the foundation of your 2015 writing and marketing success. Roger Parker interviews Scott Abel, co-author of The Language of Content Strategy—a slim book that can make a big difference.

Roger will be interviewing Scott tomorrow, Tuesday, December 16th, at 4:00 PM EST. Whether you want to get better results from your content marketing or are looking for an easy way to organize and write a book, you’ll find this an inspiring hour-long presentation.

The call is free and open to all: To attend, simply dial 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391.

How to get the most out of tomorrow’s call

Roger has prepared 3 blog posts describing the lessons you can learn from tomorrow’s call:

How to Profit from the Language of Content Strategy. A brief introduction to the virtues of slim, tightly-organized books.

Lessons from The Language of Content Structure. An illustrated guide to creating a practical writing plan for your brand-building book.

Download a free mind map of The Language of Content Structure. Refer to the mind map during the call or use it to take notes while reading the book.

 Latest News (XML Press)

Free Sample Chapter of Paula Land’s New Book

Cover of Content Audits and Inventories, linked to

The Content Wrangler has a free sample chapter from Paula Land’s new book, Content Audits and Inventories.

Successful content strategy projects start with a thorough assessment of the current state of all content assets — their quantity, type, and quality. Beginning with a data-rich content inventory and layering in a qualitative assessment, the audit process allows content owners and business stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook, by veteran content strategist Paula Ladenburg Land, shows you how to begin with an inventory, scope and plan an audit, evaluate content against business and user goals, and move forward with a set of useful, actionable insights. This practical, tactic-filled handbook walks you through setting up and running an inventory using an automated tool, setting the stage for a successful audit. Specific audit tactics addressed include auditing for content quality, performance, global considerations, and legal and regulatory issues. You will also learn how to do a competitive audit and incorporate personas into an audit. Tips on presenting audit results to stakeholders will help you deliver effective strategies.

 Latest News (Content Strategy,XML Press)

XML Press at Information Development World

XML Press will be at Information Development World this week (October 22-24, 2014).

XML Press authors Scott Abel, Rahel Anne Bailie, Paula Land, Kevin Nichols, Val Swisher, and Leigh White will be speaking at the show. We will have books from XML Press and other publishers, including books from many of the other speakers at the show.

Stop by the bookstore, say hello, and check out the show specials.

The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Series

We have three new books from the The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Series that we will be featuring at Information Development World:

All three books are available in print and will be available at the conference. The ebook of Content Audits and Inventories is now available through the XML Press Ebook store at O’Reilly Media and most other ebook retailers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The ebook for the other two titles will be available soon.

 Latest News (XML Press)

XML Press at STC Summit

This year, XML Press will be running the bookstore at the STC Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, May 18-21. The bookstore will feature books from a wide variety of publishers, covering topics of interest to technical communicators, content strategists, managers, marketers, and anyone interested in our field.

In addition, several XML Press authors will be at […]

 Latest News (XML Press)

Writing a book proposal

I just posted my latest article for the STC Notebook, Publishing Perspectives: Writing a Book Proposal. If you’ve ever thought of writing a book and would like to know what publishers are looking for, this should answer some of your questions.

 Latest News (XML Press)

XML Press at Intelligent Content 2014

XML Press will be at the Intelligent Content 2014 conference this week with our latest book, The Language of Content Strategy. This book is a compilation of 52 terms central to the field of content strategy. It was co-edited by Scott Abel and Rahel Anne Bailie, and published in collaboration with The Content Wrangler.

Look […]

 Latest News (XML Press)

Business Matters: A freelancer’s guide to business success in any economy

When Bette Frick launched her freelance writing and editing business in 1990, not having completed formal business training meant she would make more than a few mistakes. But not applying MBA models meant that as her company grew, her business model fit her rather than some business-school template.

As Bette learned her (sometimes) painful lessons, […]

 Latest News (XML Press)

XML Press at Lavacon

Lavacon is coming up next week, and XML Press writers will be there in force. In addition, XML Press will have a bookstore at the show with books from XML Press authors and other industry leaders.

XML Press authors speaking at the conference include: Rahel Bailie, Mark Baker, Sharon Burton, Char James-Tanny, Noz Urbina, and […]