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XML Press Author Peter Lavin to Speak At PHP Northeast 2016

Peter Lavin, author of the forthcoming book, HTML to Flare with Dynamic Content, will be speaking at PHP Northeast 2016, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, August 4-5, 2016.

His talk is titled, “Querying and Manipulating HTML using PHP.” For more information, go to:

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The Language of Technical Communication


The Language of Technical Communication is the latest volume in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series.

As with the previous book in this series, The Language of Content Strategy, this book contains definitions of terms that practitioners need to know. The terms are divided into five categories: Core Concepts, Technical Concepts, Standards and Conventions, Deliverable Presentations, and Future Directions.

The terms range from accessibility to topic-based authoring to artificial intelligence to wearables, everything from basic terms that will be familiar to most technical communicators to terms that are just coming into view.

Each term is authored by an expert in that area, and each expert contributed a definition, a statement of importance, and an essay describing why technical communicators need to know their term. Together, these terms form the basis of a common vocabulary across a wide spectrum of specialties in technical communication.

The Language of Technical Communication is available in print and eBook form from all major online book retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and O’Reilly Media (eBook bundle).

Limited time special offer on eBook

Through June 5, 2016, the eBook bundle at O’Reilly Media is available for 40% off the retail price. Use the discount code summit16 at the O’Reilly Media store or this direct, discount-included link. All XML Press eBooks at O’Reilly Media are eligible for this discount.

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STC Summit eBook Discount Extended to June 5th

From now through June 5, 2016, all XML Press eBooks are on sale at the XML Press eBookstore at O’Reilly Media for 40% off. Use the discount code: summit16 or the following, discount-included link: XML Press eBooks 40% off

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LavaCon 2016 Dublin

The LavaCon Conference on Content Strategy and TechComm Management will be held in Dublin, Ireland, June 5-8, 2016. The conference features several XML Press authors:

  • Rahel Anne Bailie: Ambassadors for the United Nations of Content: Advocacy and Negotiation, and Strategist, Consultant, Trusted Advisor: Which Are You and Why Does it Matter?
  • Charles Cooper: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Technical Communication and Postcards from the Edge: Looking Back and Looking Forward
  • Char James-Tanny: Pre-conference Workshop, Accessibility Matters: Making Your Products Available to Everyone
  • Ann Rockley: Intelligent Content Comes of Age: Skills Intelligent Content Strategists Need as the Discipline Matures
  • Noz Urbina: Pre-conference Workshop, Modelling Adaptive Content for Multiple Channels and Why We Crave Semantic, Structured Content

In addition, Rahel Anne Bailie, Charles Cooper, and Noz Urbina will participate in a closing panel titled, The Dawn of the Generational–ized and Cultural–ized User Experience.

Conference registration is now open. More information is available here.

 Latest News (Book Review,XML Press)

Business Matters reviewed by STC Technical Communication

Business Matters cover image

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) journal, Technical Communication, has published a review of Bette Frick’s Business Matters: A Freelancer’s Guide to Business Success in Any Economy.

From the review, written by Kristin Kirkham-Broadhead, “Frick writes in a refreshing tone with her blatant honesty, showcasing the roller coaster of emotions you deal with in creating and maintaining your own business. She starts off with a soul-searching questionnaire that makes you look hard at your own life to see if being an independent is right for you. And although you don’t get to calculate a score, by the time you think through all of the questions, you know the right answer…. I suggest you pick up Business Matters. You’ll certainly learn more about yourself and which path is right for you.”

For more information, go to the book page for Business Matters. The full review is re-posted here.

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Review of Intelligent Content: A Primer

Lisa Park of Extractable has just posted a review of Intelligent Content: A Primer.

From the review: “Intelligent Content: A Primer, goes into quite a bit of detail—and includes a fair amount of research—to explain how you’ll benefit from this type of content. It includes three brief case studies, highlighting an investment bank, medical device […]

 Latest News (Book Review)

Interview with Author Experience author, Rick Yagodich

In a new interview at, Rick Yagodich, author of Author Experience, discusses the importance of making sure content management software and practices provide an environment for authors that maximizes their effectiveness and efficiency.

In the article, Yagodich says, “The most valuable assets within any company are its people, its proprietary processes, its ways […]

 Latest News (Tech Comm)

2016 TechComm Benchmarking Survey

The Content Wrangler is conducting research to determine how large organizations create and manage technical communication content and deliver it to those who need it. This survey is designed to identify the biggest challenges in our industry, the types of techniques, tools, and standards we use, and what we plan to do to improve […]

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Every Page is Page One on CMI Holiday Gift List

Mark Baker’s Every Page is Page One has been named one of 17+ Books to Give Your Favorite Content Marketer this Season in a Content Marketing Institute article written by Roger C. Parker.

According to Parker, “Mark Baker addresses how the Internet has changed the way people seek information and what it means for content […]

 Latest News (XML Press)

A Practical Guide to XLIFF 2.0

A Practical Guide to XLIFF 2.0 introduces the OASIS XLIFF standard. Companies use XLIFF to standardize the exchange of source and localized content with localization and translation vendors.

You will learn how to get the most from the XLIFF standard, use best practices in your translation workflow, extend XLIFF, and use the XLIFF modules.