STC Webinar: Choosing an XML Standard: The Case for DocBook

Next Thursday, November 1, I will be presenting a live Society for Technical Communication (STC) webinar titled, Choosing an XML Standard: The Case for DocBook.

Selecting an XML standard can be confusing and frustrating. It can be difficult to separate the hype from the substance as you look at various options. This webinar makes the […]

Doc Plan Template in Microsoft Word Format

A reader requested a Microsoft Word version of the documentation plan template from Managing Writers, so I created one and posted it on the Documentation Template page, which also has DocBook and PDF versions of the template.

The template, which is one of the most popular links on our site, is freely available. […]

DocBook 5: The Definitive Guide published today

DocBook 5: The Definitive Guide was published by O’Reilly Media today. The book, authored by Norman Walsh, Chair of the DocBook Technical Committee of OASIS, is the official reference for the standard and includes information about all of the elements and attributes, along with many examples.

One of the most widely used XML […]

DocBook V5.0 Approved as OASIS Standard

The official ballot to approve DocBook V5.0 as an OASIS standard closed on October 31st, and the standard was approved with a healthy margin.

Congratulations to Norm Walsh for driving the process and keeping the rest of us on the Technical Committee focused and moving in the right direction. His contribution to […]

DocBook: The Definitive Guide, 2nd edition

In collaboration with XML Press, O’Reilly Media will publish DocBook: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition.

It is nearly 10 years since the original edition of DocBook: The Definitive Guide was published. Since then, DocBook has grown to become the most widely used schema for technical documentation, with extensive use in both commercial […]

Interview on

The folks at reviewed Managing Writers and interviewed the author, Richard L. Hamilton. The interview talks about reviewing documentation, since that is the focus of, and also delves into the future of DocBook.

For more details, check out the interview at: Live Tech Docs Interview.

Thanks to Fabrice […]