LavaCon 2016 Dublin

The LavaCon Conference on Content Strategy and TechComm Management will be held in Dublin, Ireland, June 5-8, 2016. The conference features several XML Press authors:

  • Rahel Anne Bailie: Ambassadors for the United Nations of Content: Advocacy and Negotiation, and Strategist, Consultant, Trusted Advisor: Which Are You and Why Does it Matter?
  • Charles Cooper: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Technical Communication and Postcards from the Edge: Looking Back and Looking Forward
  • Char James-Tanny: Pre-conference Workshop, Accessibility Matters: Making Your Products Available to Everyone
  • Ann Rockley: Intelligent Content Comes of Age: Skills Intelligent Content Strategists Need as the Discipline Matures
  • Noz Urbina: Pre-conference Workshop, Modelling Adaptive Content for Multiple Channels and Why We Crave Semantic, Structured Content

In addition, Rahel Anne Bailie, Charles Cooper, and Noz Urbina will participate in a closing panel titled, The Dawn of the Generational–ized and Cultural–ized User Experience.

Conference registration is now open. More information is available here.

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