Tom Johnson interviews author of Managing Writers

Tom Johnson just posted a podcast of an interview with Richard Hamilton, the author of Managing Writers: A Real World Guide to Managing Technical Documentation, at

The interview ranges across many of the topics discussed in the book, including hiring, motivating, evaluating writing samples, planning, and lots more. If you are interested in the book, the interview is a good way to learn more.

Thanks, Tom, for taking the time to read the book (and it is clear from the interview that he did read the book in detail) and interview the author.

2 comments to Tom Johnson interviews author of Managing Writers

  • Victoria

    Sounds fantastic! When are you going to sell it in Canada? After the conversion rate, customs fees, and international shipping charges, Amazon isn’t an attractive option, and doesn’t carry it….

  • To: Victoria,

    Thanks for the endorsement. We are working on distribution in Canada and the UK, but it will still be a while until that is set. If you send an email message to with your contact information, I’ll be glad to send you a note when it becomes available there.