CMS/DITA North America Conference

Join the Center for Information-Development Management for the 19th annual Content Management Strategies/DITA North America Conference in San Diego, California on April 24-26 2017. Engage with a community of people who believe that international standards, structured content, reuse capabilities, and multiple media delivery are the directions of the future.

Meet publications professionals who have implemented content management strategies and the OASIS DITA standard in their organizations. Learn strategies for content management, taxonomy, faceted search, translation, social media, agile workflow, DITA, Lightweight DITA and a whole lot more! Hear from key tools developers who are actively supporting the standards-based community.

XML Press authors Leigh White (DITA for Print, Second Edition), Eliot Kimber (DITA for Practitioners), and JoAnn Hackos (A Practical Guide to XLIFF 2.0) will be at the event, and XML Press will have a booth selling all three of their books, plus relevant titles from XML Press and other publishers.

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