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Cover of Oxygen v12 User Manual
<oXygen/> XML Editor Version 12 User Manual
by SyncRO Soft Ltd. $44.95.

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The <oXygen/> XML Editor has become one of the most capable and popular XML editors available. XML Press is pleased to be the publisher for the printed edition of the User Manuals for the <oXygen/> XML Editor.

The current edition of the printed book covers up to version 12.1.

This book explains how to use the <oXygen/> XML Editor effectively to develop complex XML applications quickly and easily. It is the print edition of the full User Manual (version 12.1) as written by the developers of the editor, SyncRO Soft Ltd. <oXygen/> offers developers and authors a powerful Integrated Development Environment. Based on proven Java technology, the intuitive Graphical User Interface of the <oXygen/> XML Editor is easy-to-use and provides robust functionality for editing, project management and validation of structured mark-up sources. Coupled with XSLT and FOP transformation technologies, <oXygen/> supports output to multiple target formats, including: PDF, PS, TXT, HTML and XML.

If you are using an earlier version of the <oXygen/> XML Editor, there is also a version of the printed manual for version 11. You can purchase a copy at Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.