DITA Specialization

by Zarella Rendon

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is an XML-based architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering technical information. An OASIS standard, DITA has become increasingly popular with organizations looking for an XML schema designed to support structured documentation.

A unique feature of DITA is the ability to extend the schema for use in different domains through DITA specialization. Zarella Rendon’s book, DITA Specialization, scheduled for publication early in 2010, provides the first in-depth reference for mastering DITA specializations. It will describe a detailed approach to DITA specialization, with examples and tips from experts along with case studies from successful implementations. It will also include discussions on industry specializations provided by members of the DITA OASIS technical committee.

Read an overview of DITA Specialization by Zarella Rendon

Publication date: TBD

About the Author

Zarella Rendon is a Senior Consultant and Solution Architect in the Arbortext division of PTC, where she leads implementations for major customers in FAD and major manufacturers like Nikon, John Deere, Toyota, Whirlpool, and others.

Rendon has spent the last 15 years working with SGML/XML, participating on industry committees, and developing end-to-end customer solutions. She has been an active member of the XML community, involved in standards development with the W3C, Oasis, ISO, and other vertical groups. She was named to the XML Guild, where she has been an active participant in publications related to XML.

DITA Specialization is Rendon’s third book, following Advanced XML Applications, co-authored with members of the XML Guild, and XSLT and XPATH: A Guide to XML Transformations, co-authored with John Robert Gardner.

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