Examples — DITA for Print

This page contains the complete example plugin from DITA for Print. In addition, it contains three templates from the book. With the exception of the Get Chapter Prefix template, which was contributed by Kyle Schwamkrug, all of the examples were written by Leigh White and are Copyright Ⓒ 2013 by Leigh White.

In most cases, you may copy, change, and use these files in your own programs in any way you want, freely, and without asking permission. The only exception would be if you wish to sell or distribute the examples. For more information, send email to permissions <at> xmlpress.net.

These examples are provided with NO WARRANTY express or implied.

You can download all the examples in a single zip file that contains the plugin and the three appendixes. You can also download each of the three appendixes separately.

Description Download file
Complete plugin and appendixes zip file
Appendix D: Get Chapter Prefix Template: text file
Appendix E: Get Chapter Prefix for Index Template: text file
Appendix F: Back Cover Template: text file