Authoring with DITA

by Anindita Basu

Authoring with DITA is an introduction to DITA for technical communicators. It takes a practical approach, using real-world examples to illustrate how DITA works. None of us writes in DITA, we write in human languages; we are programmed to think in the language that we speak and dream in, and none of us dreams in angled brackets. Reading this book will show you how to take human language, pictures, and sound and mark them up using the DITA standard.

While DITA is a complex standard, much of the complexity has little to do with the day-to-day job of a technical communicator. Authoring with DITA focuses on what technical communicators need to know. It provides a practical approach to writing with DITA, closing the gap between “What is DITA?” and “How can I write in DITA?”

The publication date: TBD

Inside the Book

  • Authoring in DITA: An Overview
  • Writing Concept, Task, and Reference Topics
  • Using Ditamaps
  • Using Relationship Tables
  • Reusing Content
  • Using Metadata and Creating Indexes
  • Processing Output: An Overview
  • Setting Up a DITA Environment

About Anindita Basu

Anindita Basu is an information developer at IBM, the company that sowed the DITA seed and continues to nurture it. She writes online help, contextual help, and tutorials in DITA, and mentors technical writers who have never used DITA before. She has degrees in Life Sciences and Business Management and was a non technical communicator for about 10 years, which is two-thirds of her entire working life. Anindita lives in India. She is actively involved with STC India and was a member of its newsletter advisory committee in 2010.