October 7, 2011 — XML Press Newsletter

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XML Press at Lavacon

XML Press authors Alan Porter (WIKI: Grow Your Own for Fun and Profit and the forthcoming The Content Pool) and Richard Hamilton (Managing Writers) will be at this year’s Lavacon conference (lavacon.org). Alan will give a presentation titled Developing a Global Language: When Words are Not Enough and Richard will give a lightning talk titled Wikis, XML, and Writer Productivity.

XML Press books from many of our authors will be available for sale at the conference. If you mention our newsletter, we’ll take 10% off the price of any of our books you buy at the conference.

Should You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?

A new article by XML Press author Richard Hamilton, Should You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?, at TheContentWrangler.com explores the divide between structured methodologies and social media, and challenges tools makers to do a better job integrating these two approaches to communicating information.

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