August 8, 2011 XML Press Newsletter

This edition of our newsletter is devoted to recent releases, including Char James Tanny’s Learning Author-it, Robert Delwood’s The Secret Life of Word, and Boris Schäling’s The Boost C++ Libraries. All three are available now.

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Learning Author-it

Author-it guru Char James-Tanny’s new book, Learning Author-it, $39.95, shows you how to get the most from Author-it. Char has taught hundreds in her acclaimed classes, and now she has drawn from her extensive experience to create the definitive resource for learning Author-it. Whether you are new to Author-it or an experienced user, there is something here for you.

If you are just starting out with Author-it, Learning Author-it will make the sometimes daunting learning curve for Author-it smoother and easier. You will learn how libraries work, how to wrap your head around Author-it’s object-oriented structure, how to work with your content, and how to publish your output. If you are an experienced Author-it user, you’ll get a refresher from someone who uses Author-it like a technical writer. Char provides dozens of tips, helpful screenshots, and more than 150 tasks to help increase your efficiency (and lessen any frustration).

The Secret Life of Word

Robert Delwood’s new book, The Secret Life of Word: A Professional Writer’s Guide to Microsoft Word Automation, $35.95, looks at Word from the perspective of technical and other professional writers. It gives you an insider’s view of the hidden automation capabilities of Word, many of which you can use without being a programmer.

With over 200 downloadable examples and dozens of detailed procedures, The Secret Life of Word guides you step-by-step, showing you how to clean up HTML, create and use Smart Tags, use wildcards and regular expressions, and much more.

The Boost C++ Libraries

The Boost C++ Libraries, $49.95, is the definitive introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries. Based on his popular web site, Boris Schäling’s new book provides over 250 downloadable examples that show you how to get the most from these important libraries. You will learn how to use the libraries for event handling, multithreading, asynchronous I/O, parsing, string handling, and much more.

Schäling’s book will help you write more reliable code and become a more productive programmer. The Boost C++ Libraries complement the C++ standard by adding practical tools that any C++ developer can use in any C++ project. They are based on the C++ standard and many of the libraries will be incorporated into the next version of the standard. The software is freely available and the project is supported by a large developer community

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