December 21, 2009 XML Press Newsletter

Welcome to the December issue of the XML Press Newsletter. This short, holiday issue announces a new book from the developers of the <oXygen/> XML editor, new reviews of Anne Gentle’s Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation, and the e-Book edition of Managing Writers.

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Managing Writers e-Book sample chapter available now

Managing Writers: A Real-World Guide to Managing Technical Documentation is scheduled to be available as an e-Book in January, 2010. In anticipation of the first XML Press publication in e-Book form we have posted a free sample chapter, including the full glossary and bibliography, in ePub, Mobi, and PDF form at

<oXygen/> XML Editor Version 11 User Manual

The <oXygen/> XML Editor has become one of the most capable and popular XML editors available. With the release of Version 11 of this popular product, the developers of <oXygen/> are making a print version of the User Manual available through XML Press. Available early in January, 2010, the <oXygen/> XML Editor Version 11 User Manual contains the full contents of the manual (already revised for 11.1) in a convenient printed form.

Competitively priced at $44.95 (try to get your local copy shop to print and bind 800+ pages for that price!), here is the chance to get the full user manual in print form.

Conversation and Community Reviews

Anne Gentle’s Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation continues to receive rave reviews. Reviewers are finding it to be not only a great introduction to using social media in documentation, but also an excellent guide for writers getting into Agile methodologies. Here are a few quotes:

According to Michael Cote, Anne’s book “seems to be a fantastic manual for jump-starting into Agile documentation.”

Peg Mulligan’s recent review looks at the role of social media and user assistance. In her words, “I don’t think I’ve encountered such a balanced view of the future of documentation, applicable to both technical and nontechnical disciplines, so well researched and with such concrete tips, anywhere else on or about the social web.”

All of us at XML Press wish you a safe and relaxing holiday and a Happy New Year.

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