XML Press to Publish DITA Specialization by Zarella Rendon

In many ways, specialization is the key feature of the DITA XML standard. Specialization provides a structured mechanism, based on object-oriented programming principles, for extending the DITA schema to different areas. The DITA standard supports and encourages specialization, making it possible to fit the schema to the project, rather than bend the project to fit the schema.

While powerful, DITA specialization is also one of the most difficult parts of DITA to understand and use. With the exception of a few excellent articles and tutorials, there has been little help for those who want to use this feature. Zarella Rendon’s new book, DITA Specialization, to be published by XML Press early next year, is the first book-length, in-depth exploration of DITA specialization. Using real-world examples and case studies, DITA Specialization will help you take full advantage of specialization.

Check out the DITA Specialization web page for more information and to sign up for a chance to win a free copy of this book.

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