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Global Content Strategy: A Primer
by Val Swisher. $19.95 (print) $16.95 (ebook).

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When you want to engage customers, you must have great content that speaks to them in their language. Success in foreign markets takes research, planning, and sensitivity regarding the culture, expectations, and buying habits of each target customer.

Because of this, more and more companies are translating more content into more languages every day. But few companies have a strategy for managing their global content.

Global Content Strategy: A Primer, by Val Swisher, gives you the information you need to get started navigating the global content landscape. From tips on making your global content more accessible to details on how to ensure that your words and images are prepared for the world, this book provides information every global organization needs to be successful.

Inside the Book

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • What Is a Global Content Strategy?
  • It’s Ten O’Clock — Do You Know Where Your Content Is?
  • My Gestures Don’t Offend You, Do They?
  • Transwhat?
  • Content Global-Readiness
  • The Translation Memory Dance
  • Make Your Content Easy to Find
  • The Global Content Strategy Revolution
  • Using Personas and Customer Journeys in Audits
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Index

About Val Swisher

Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, is an expert in global content strategy, content management, content development, and terminology management. Val helps her customers, who include Google, Cisco, Illumina, Facebook, and Rockwell Automation, solve complex content problems by analyzing their content and the way it is created.

What are They Saying?

“Global Content Strategy provides high-level best practices to help any organization with global aspirations get started on the right foot and avoid costly mistakes.”

— John Yunker, founder of Byte Level Research, From the Foreword

Global Content Strategy: A Primer is an excellent book for someone new to the global content strategy field.”

— Jackie Damrau, Technical Communication, Vol. 62, Number 2, May 2015