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Learning Author-it

Cover of Learning Author-it
Learning Author-it
by Char James-Tanny. $35.95 (print) $24.95 (eBook).

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Let Author-it guru Char James-Tanny teach you how to get the most from Author-it. Char has taught hundreds in her acclaimed classes, and now she has drawn from her extensive experience to create the definitive resource for learning Author-it. Whether you are new to Author-it or an experienced user, there is something here for you.

If you are just starting out with Author-it, Learning Author-it will make the sometimes daunting learning curve for Author-it smoother and easier. You will learn how libraries work, how to wrap your head around Author-it’s object-oriented structure, how to work with your content, and how to publish your output.

If you are an experienced Author-it user, get a refresher from someone who uses Author-it like a technical writer. Char provides dozens of tips, helpful screenshots, and more than 150 tasks to help increase your efficiency (and lessen any frustration). And you’ll find lots of tips and tricks that will improve your productivity.

Char wrote and published Learning Author-it entirely with Author-it beta version 5.5, except for the front and back covers.

Inside the Book

Topics include:

  • Understanding and setting up your library
  • Understanding the authoring environment
  • Creating content
  • Reusing topic content
  • Viewing, finding, and organizing topics
  • Publishing the output
  • Customizing objects for different outputs
  • Maintaining the library

About Char James-Tanny

Char James-Tanny has more than 30 years experience as a technical communicator and is well known in the Help community for her knowledge of online Help tools and concepts. Char was the architect for, where Help authors search for the Help authoring tool that best meets their needs. She is one of two inaugural independent Author-it Certified Consultants, a Microsoft MVP, author of three books, and a mom. Char is the President of JTF Associates (

What are They Saying?

“Practical and easy to understand.”
— Rhonda Bracey, From the Foreword

“Up to now, there hasn’t been a book on how to use Author-it. Leave it to Char to finally write one! This definitive book is a ‘must read’ for anyone learning how to use Author-it. It doesn’t just tell you how to do things, but why.”
— Sue Heim